In the retail industry but have yet to take advantage of point of sale signage solutions for your business?

This article will focus on providing you with information about what point of sale signage is, the advantages of investing in it as part of your marketing strategy and how the experts at Wolf Signs can assist you in getting the most out of your signage.

What is Retail Point of Sale Signage?

Retail point of sale signage is basically signage used within your shop front location (usually near the register, entrance/exits and end of aisles). The purpose is to reinforce your brand or advertise new products.

It can even be used as a form of wayfinding signage (e.g. “pay here”, “ask about our membership discounts”), or to upsell products and services.

Advantages of Point of Sale Signage

There are so many advantages of point of sale signage that we’d be here forever if we were to list them all. Here we’ll focus on some of the most common reasons clients like ours continue to use point of sale signage to advertise their retail business.

Reinforces Brand Awareness

Point of sale signage is generally highly visible, and ties in with your current advertising or aesthetic. It reinforces your brand, what you stand for and the products or services you offer.

Multifunctional & Variety

This particular type of signage is available in a variety of different shapes and forms. It can have one purpose or many. It’s completely up to you.

While some businesses may opt for the traditional aisle merchandising, others might choose to go for something completely different like changeable digital advertising to promote partnerships with other businesses and discounts related to current sales.


Some types of signage, such as building signage or billboards have to remain in the location in which they are first installed. Depending on the type of point of sale signage you choose, you have the flexibility of moving it from place to place.

In this way, you can experiment with your target audience and make changes where necessary.

Cost Effective

These days everyone is looking for new ways to save money without scrimping on quality. Traditional point of sale signage – especially those made by our team at Wolf Signs – is known for its durability. This means that you won’t be shelling out for replacements every couple of months. And, if you choose a multifunctional option, you may save even more money.

Improved Customer Engagement

Because you have so many different options and there is so much you can do with your point of sale signage, you can be as creative and flexible with your investment as you like.
Some businesses choose to include a QR code to their website or other pertinent information, which improves customer engagement (something which everyone benefits from).

Increasing Sales & Upselling

Research suggests that investing in point of sale signage increases your sales and opportunities for upselling. And the more chances you have for this in the retail sector, the better in our opinion.

Diversifying Revenue Streams

Everyone wants more opportunities to make money, and there’s nothing that says you can’t do this with the right point of sale signage. Partner up with local outfits like your own or sell the advertising space to complementary businesses, and you’ve created a passive income stream.

How Wolf Signs Can Help

At Wolf Signs, we’ve been specialising in point of sale signage and other advertising methods for decades. We are one of the leading suppliers of point of sale signage in Brisbane and you can’t go past our business when searching for quality and expertise.

To invest in your business with effective, eye-catching point of sale signage, get in touch with our experienced team today.