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Wolf Signs are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of full colour digitally printed window graphics bringing your windows to life with creative visuals and graphics. Our professional team of signs and window graphic installers provide an on-site installation service with a guaranteed finish, or you may opt for the DIY option. We can provide a full installation kit with instructions and will even supply a sample piece of window graphic film for you to test.

Window prints are manufactured at our Wolf Signs plant, offering a good quality photographic image printed directly onto the window film that is easily installed onto glass. This durable method of digital printed window graphics provides a few options; Full colour digitally printed window prints on clear self-adhesive – one of the most popular digital window glass solutions is printed either reverse or mirror image on to clear self-adhesive vinyl and installed inside the glass.

Wolf Signs full colour digitally printed window prints on frosted self-adhesive vinyl is an attractive, cost effective way to enhance the look, privacy and safety of your window. This film offers a range from subtle light transmission (sand blast effect) to glitter or dusted crystal, and can be printed to suite the most effective application.

Our colour or plain window graphics with frosted self adhesive film is of premium quality and guaranteed against cracking, peeling and de-laminating of the film from the glass.
One Way Vision print film is another type of exciting window graphic, having a full colour digitally printed graphic on the outside of your window and still being able to see thru from the inside, creating the best of both worlds….

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