If you’ve recently started a business and want to spread the word, there’s no better way than signage, specifically vehicle graphics.

In this article, we’ll take you through the advantages of using vehicle graphics as a marketing tool to promote your business, tips on how to apply vehicle graphics correctly, as well as answering the all-important question: how much do vehicle graphics cost?


What are vehicle graphics?

When we talk about vehicle graphics, we’re not talking about those cheap stickers you can pick up at the supermarket that peel or fade as soon as there’s a storm. At Wolf Signs, we pride ourselves on providing premium quality vehicle graphics guaranteed to make you stand out from the competition.

Vehicle graphics are large decal templates that you can apply to your vehicle to promote your business while you’re on the road. On the way to an appointment with an important client? If you have vehicle graphics on your car, van or even your truck, you’re subconsciously marketing during your commute time.


Can Wolf Signs create customisable designs for vehicle graphics?

Yes, we consider our work to be one of a kind and often provide a variety of businesses with customised vehicle graphics or wraparounds to suit their needs and the vehicle they’re using.


How much do vehicle graphics cost?

Vehicle graphics are customisable to your needs, the type of design you want and the vehicle you want them fitted on. So it is a little difficult to fully answer the question how much do vehicle graphics cost? without seeing your car or knowing what you require.

Ballpark figures can range anywhere between around $300 for your basic logo to $5000 if your car is a bigger 4WD and you want full vehicle wrapping.

That said, we have options to suit almost any budget, so contact us for a free quote.


How to apply vehicle graphics

Choosing and knowing how to apply vehicle graphics that suit your car or van are two very different things, even though they do go hand in hand. Choosing the design of your vehicle graphics, it might be said, is often the first step in application.

As such, before you choose your design, you should consult a vehicle graphics designer – such as us – to advise on designs that may suit your vehicle. This may include mocking up designs on your vehicle with masking tape or holding up designs from our existing catalogue to give you an idea of what it may look like.

Once you’ve chosen your vehicle graphics designed and it’s been customised for your car, it’s a matter of following these steps:


Prepare the surface

Applying vehicle graphics can be finicky so ensuring you’ve cleaned and prepared the surface of your vehicle efficiently is key to successful application. Use mineral spirits or alcohol (while wearing gloves) to remove grease and fingerprints.



It’s best to complete the application inside, out of the weather, if possible. You can use an application fluid to help streamline the application process or apply to a clean, dry surface depending on the graphic and advice provided by your designer.

Peel the backing tape away from the graphic and don’t leave any behind. To streamline the process, you may wish to have tape over the middle of the graphic to ensure a smoother application.  It should be easy to reposition if you make a mistake, so don’t worry. Wait 10 minutes between applying the next part of your graphic or other vehicle graphics to ensure maximum adhesion to your car’s surface.

Trim around any areas you may have blocked with your vehicle graphics (such as door openings or petrol tanks) with a razor blade for a neater finish. Pierce any air or water bubbles that may appear.


Sometimes, it’s best to consult the professionals, so if you’re not confident that you know how to apply vehicle graphics correctly or want to find out more about the designs we have available, contact us today.