As large format printing experts, we know the importance of digital printing in advertising and signage. But do you?

The focus of this article will be on why you should be choosing digital printing as part of your marketing and signage paraphernalia, and how the team at Wolf Signs can make it happen.

What is Large Format Digital Printing? 

Let’s start with a definition. Large format digital printing refers to prints between 18 to 120 inches (approx 45 to 305cm) in length. We’re talking about bigger marketing signage like posters, banners and other display materials.

Why You Should Choose Digital Printing 

We’ve been in the business of signage and large format printing for decades, and there are many reasons why it’s a popular choice in terms of advertising and promoting yourself to your clientele. Here, we’ll go through those reasons:


When you want signage that not only stands out, but is also quality, you choose Wolf Signs. Our commitment to quality is second to none and this is especially true of our large format digital printing capabilities.


Large format printing is preferred for businesses who want to make an impact in their advertising. If you want to be seen and not ignored by the customers who would benefit from your services, this is what you want to go with.

Colour Matching & Customisation

A huge benefit of digital printing in larger format advertising is the fact that the colour matching techniques are much more refined than other options on the market.

This means that there are more options for businesses to choose from to truly help their design ideas reach fruition, especially with regards to their specific needs and customisation.

Ideal for Small Print Runs

With other options available, you need to order high quantities to get what you want. But this is not the case when you opt for large format digital printing. This particular type of advertising printing specifically caters to print runs between 1 and 1000 prints.

Quick Turnaround

Digital printing is great when you need a quick turnaround. It is very efficient so we can get your marketing paraphernalia to you a lot quicker than if you were to opt for something else.


These days, everyone is looking for ways they can be more eco-friendly. Signage is no different and it is for this reason that people tend to go for digital printing. There is a lot less wastage when it comes to digital printing in larger formats, both in terms of ink used, and the material itself.

How Wolf Signs Can Help You

When choosing a signage professional to assist you with large format digital printing, you want to ensure you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing.

We’ve been in the industry for decades and are pioneers in large format digital printing, and can help you with all your custom printing needs using the latest technology available.

Want something big and bold? Speak to us today about our large format digital printing capabilities.