Whether you have a new solo enterprise you want to advertise or you want to organise fleet graphics car wraps for your larger company, you will at some point ask the question: how much does a car wrap cost?

In this article, we’ll give you an answer to that question, as well as discuss the types of materials available for your fleet graphics and other variables we consider when asking how much does a car wrap cost.


How much does it cost to wrap a car?

The beauty of vehicle wrapping is that it is completely customisable to your budget. The average suggested price of vehicle wraps using fleet graphics or supplied graphics can range anywhere from $300 for your basic, smaller logo on a smaller car to $5000 for a full vehicle wrap using fleet graphics on a bigger car, like a Jeep or 4WD Ute.

The above figures are, however, just ballpark estimates. When asking how much does it cost to wrap a car, and organising fleet graphics for your business, it is always best to contact us directly from the start so we can provide you with a more accurate estimate of the cost.


Why is there so much variation in cost?

When answering the question, how much does a car wrap cost, fleet graphics suppliers and designers like Wolf Signs have to take a number of factors into account when providing you with an accurate quote.

Examples of what factors we consider when quoting on how much does it cost to wrap a car include:


Type of Car/Size of Car

Obviously, the size of your car or type of car you require the vehicle wrap installed on will weigh heavily on the cost of fleet graphics. A smaller car, like a Kia, for instance, will often be a lot cheaper to wrap than a bigger car, like a RAM ute.


Supplied Wrap versus Designed Wrap

At Wolf Signs, we love to help our customers and understand that sometimes you will approach us for fleet graphics with ideas or pre-designed graphics for your vehicle wrap.

This is why we have a consultation process with our design team as part of organising your vehicle wrap, so we can establish how much time our designers need when designing your fleet graphics. For examples of our previous work, click here.



You’d be forgiven for believing all fleet graphics come in a one-size-fits-all material. Most fleet graphics are available in vinyl but, when wrapping vehicles we like to offer customers a range of different options to choose from. This can also heavily influence the variables involved in correctly answering how much does it cost to wrap a car?

Some of the materials available include:

We have options to suit almost any style, creative flair or budget and your choice will, of course, influence the estimate we’re able to provide on your quote. This will ultimately give you your answer to the question: how much does car wrap cost?


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