Looking for a better way to promote your business and improve customer experience but haven’t considered wayfinding signage? This is the article for you.

Here we’ll discuss the numerous benefits of implementing wayfinding signage to promote your business or service, and when to contact us for assistance.

Why Choose Wayfinding Signage for Your Business or Service 

If you ask us, the benefits of wayfinding signage are almost endless. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why clients like ours continue to choose wayfinding signage:

Brand Awareness & Increased Visibility 

You may think that wayfinding signage is just about providing your customers or potential clientele with directions. But in truth, it is so much more than that.

When used correctly (and designed with the assistance of professional graphic designers like ours), wayfinding signage offers you an opportunity to capitalise on your exposure and improve your visibility, while familiarising people with your brand.

Adaptable to Various Industries

There are so many different types of wayfinding signage, which makes it a very versatile form of advertising. You can use wayfinding signage in a variety of areas including retail and hospitality, hospitals and medical centres, offices, schools and universities and so on.


As we said, there are a number of options to choose from in terms of the style and materials you choose for this method of advertising. This includes (but isn’t limited to:

Independent Navigation

With online shopping in particular, customers enjoy a sense of freedom they don’t always get with in-person experiences. Wayfinding signage can help bridge this gap by notifying customers of where they can find self-service checkouts, price check stations or become more familiar with the layout of your store overall.

Better Merchandising Opportunities 

This point is mainly in relation to digital wayfinding signage, but can also be adapted to physical options.

This form of wayfinding signage allows you to re-examine your floor plan and make changes accordingly, to make the most of unused space and improve opportunities for merchandising, layout and promotion.

Improved Customer Experience & Return on Investment 

The easier you make it for your customers to be able to navigate their way around your store and find the items or information they need, the more likely they are to report a great customer experience and feel in control of the purchases or decisions they make while on your premises.

In turn, they are more likely to spend more time and money with you in the future, and potentially invite their friends or family to use your product or service, which means you are attracting more customers to your brand. 

Reallocation of Resources & Time

Whether you work in retail, administration, the health industry or somewhere else entirely, often your time is taken up responding to customer enquiries. 

While some of these questions are better answered face-to-face or with a personal connection, sometimes they can be addressed with the right signage in place.

By having this signage, you have the potential to help your staff reallocate their time and resources accordingly, which is beneficial to both of you, as well as your customers.

Increased Safety & Accessibility or Inclusion 

One of the biggest benefits of using wayfinding signage is inclusivity of those with disabilities or access issues and the improved safety of your workers or clients. 

With wayfinding signage, you can advise customers of changed conditions in terrain, potential hazards and slips and where the lift or stairs are.

When to Contact Wolf Signs for Assistance 

If you’re in the market for wayfinding signage – or simply want to know more about the benefits of using this method of advertising – there’s no one better than our team at Wolf Signs.

Having been in the industry for decades, our expertise is second to none and our team members are some of the best in the industry when it comes to designing attractive, eye-catching wayfinding signage both you and your customers will love.

To get started with your wayfinding signage, contact our experts at Wolf Signs today.