Thinking of vehicle signage or car graphics to advertise your business but don’t know how much you can expect to pay?

While we’ve discussed the price of vehicle wraps in the past, this article aims to go a little deeper into the factors that influence said cost, including supply chain issues, travel cost and more. 

What Does Vehicle Signage Cost? 

Because every vehicle signage design is different, there is no one set price you can expect to pay. Full or partial wraps can cost you within the thousands of dollars, whereas you may only spend a couple of hundred dollars for smaller, less involved designs.

The best way to get an idea of the cost of vehicle signage is to get  a quote.

Factors That Influence Vehicle Signage Cost 

There are any number of factors that influence what you can expect to pay for car signage or vehicle graphics. In this section, we’ll break down some of the things we consider the most important.

Size of Your Design

The size of your preferred design, and whether you want a full wrap, partial wrap or small graphic is one of the things we consider to be the most influential when it comes to price.

In most cases, the larger the design, the more you can expect to pay.

Design & Installation

What you require from our design and installation teams will also impact the cost. For instance, if you need the full service including designing a new wrap, and  installation, it will probably cost more than if you were to come through the doors with a design already ready and want to do the installation yourself.

Materials or Finishes 

No two vehicle designs are exactly the same and there are a couple of materials or finishes you can choose from, including poly, gloss, matte or premium. The cost of the materials you choose will influence the potential cost of your vehicle graphics or wrap.

Availability of Materials 

COVID-19 has impacted supply chains everywhere and our industry is no different. Obviously, we need to be sure that we are able to provide you with your preferred materials, and if there’s something we need to order specially (for instance if you’d like a metallic finish), it may increase the cost.


While we like to complete our vehicle wrap installations on our premises, in certain circumstances, we may travel to your location to get the job done. If we need to factor in our travel time, it will change the price of your quote

Removal of Existing Wrap or Graphics

Sometimes clients come to us with wraps or graphics already on their car, looking for something fresh and new.

If this is the case with your car, signage cost will probably increase because we will need to factor in how long it will take our installers to remove your graphics and prepare your car before the job can start. 

Turnaround Time

Applying vehicle signage is a tricky process and at Wolf Signs, we like to do our best for you. Sometimes, this may take time. And this turnaround time – whether you need it quickly or if we can take our time with the project – will probably help determine cost.

Condition of Your Vehicle

Sometimes, the materials used for vehicle graphics can be temperamental. If your vehicle has been through the wars, and has a number of dents or scratches, it will impact how your vehicle looks once the wrap is applied. Our ability to apply the wrap, and how it is installed on your vehicle will also influence the cost.

Where to Go for Assistance 

Wolf Signs has been in the business since 1983. What we don’t know about signage – and car signage in particular – isn’t worth knowing.

To get started with quality car signage from the experts, contact our experienced team today.