Ever thought of using engraved signage for your business? 

Engraving is an art form often regulated to special gifts given at Christenings, graduations, anniversaries and milestone birthdays. But did you know it can be a unique option for your business signage?

In this article we’ll talk about the many benefits of such advertising, the variety of engraved signage, and where to go to be sure you are receiving the best signage solutions.

Benefits of Using Engraved Signage to Promote Your Business 

There are a number of benefits to using engraved signage as a method of promoting your business. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most popular reasons why professionals choose this option  over others on the market.

Variety & Versatility 

One of the most popular reasons business owners opt for engraved signage over other solutions is its versatility and variety. Unlike other signage, engraved signage doesn’t favour one type of business over another. 

Any number of industries can reap the benefits of professionally-made engraved signage, largely because of the range of options available when choosing such products.

Examples of the forms engraved signage can take include (but aren’t limited to):
– name or desk plates
-safety signage
wayfinding signage
– years of operation or opening hours plaques
-ID tags
building signage

You can also use a variety of different materials such as plastic, acrylic, stainless steel or aluminium, stone or timber, as well as fonts and styles to suit your company brand.

Low Maintenance & Durability 

Engraved signage is a fantastic option if you want something that is low maintenance and durable.

This type of signage has been known to last a lot longer than other types of building signage, and will not fade as much. In most cases, it also requires a lot less cleaning and upkeep.


While much of the traditional building signage we create is fade-resistant and weather-proof, engraved signage is particularly well suited to businesses because it’s highly readable and has a professional finish every time.

Attractive & Aesthetically Pleasing 

As experts in engraved signage for businesses, we like to think that one of the reasons it is becoming more popular for promotion is down to its attractiveness.

There’s just something special about the right engraved signage that demands attention and we all know getting a customer’s attention is half the battle.


At Wolf Signs, one of the things that makes us stand apart from our competition is our ability to customise our solutions to your specific needs. Our engraved signage is no different, with a number of options and variations available according to your design preferences. 

Where to Go for Professional Engraved Signage 

If you want professional engraved signage made with quality materials that you and your customers will love, you can’t go past our team at Wolf Signs.

Combined, we have several decades of experience in the industry, with design professionals who know what it takes to capture the imagination.

To get started with engraved signage for your business, contact our experts today.